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BitCOIN - Fast and easy way to found your balance instant! Follow the prompts below:

- MINIMAL PAYMENT $12 NOW! If you send less amount - money will be lost!
- MINIMAL CONFIRMATIONS of BitCoin network: 1
- We recommend to use this commission to get money fast: 0.005/KB
- You personal mining commission is: $1.49 (We take this commission to speed up your transfer’s)
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Course for now is: $ 47245.03 for 1BTC
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WU/MG - Use westernunion or moneygram to deposite ur account!

- Contact Support ICQ 533493 to get WU/MG drop detales for transfer.
- Min ammount to send: 1000$
- Fast founding time after giving valid MTCN (10-30 minutes ~)

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